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Step by Step: How Electric Motorcycles are Built in Kenya | Roam Electric

As a mobility enthusiast, I am always moved by Auto Innovations. I am always on the move, in search of the latest innovation in the automotive industry. On one of my scouting trips, I came across OPIBUS now Roam Electric. Opibus was founded in Sweden in 2017 just as electric mobility was taking off, when electric cars were just arriving on our streets.

With the Africa headquarters in Nairobi-Kenya, Opibus is determined to contribute to the transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles or internal combustion engine vehicles to electric. This is the direction of the world now. I made this video to also contribute to this shift.

We all need an environment devoid of pollutants. We all need to breathe clean air. Let’s make the world a better place.

Thank you for watching!

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