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How the Electric Cable Car Works in Norway

Yes, It took us only 5 minutes to get to the summit of the tallest mountain in Bergen, Norway known as Mount Ulriken. The purpose of this video is to tell the story of Norway being the EV ( Electric Vehicle) capital of the World. As I type this today, (12/08/22), 20% of the cars in Norway are electric.

The government of Norway supports the green shift immensely by introducing incentives to entice car owners to own electric vehicles. The Ulriken cable car you see here was built in 1961 and has been operating ever since to transport tourists up to the summit of the mountain and back and this is electric and sustainable.

This also makes revenue for the country all year round. Indeed, the future of mobility is electric and Norway saw this in the past to become the EV capital today.

Thank you for watching!

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