About Us

Drivafy, established in 2021 is a leading media company that specializes in covering the transition towards green energy across the African continent.

Empowering Africa’s e-mobility transition

We are dedicated to chronicling the global shift towards green energy. Through informed reporting and insightful content, we aim to inspire sustainable change, drive conversations, and spotlight innovations that resonate with the aspirations of a continent on the move. Because we believe in a greener, brighter future for Africa and the world.

Many companies in the e-mobility and renewable energy space are springing up rapidly to contribute their quota to this transition to decarbonize the world and our main mission is to bring to light innovations within this space and ultimately contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 11 and 13; Affordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities, Climate action. (https://sdgs.un.org/goals)

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading e-mobility and green energy innovation news company in the African region, and deliver high-quality journalism, data, and news to a global audience.

We believe that the transition to renewable energy and the fight against climate change is transforming every aspect of human life, and we are committed to covering the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in this fast-paced sector.

We aim to inform, educate and inspire our readers with engaging and relevant content that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the African tech world.

Sending Us Pitches and Content

Have a press release that you want published for a green energy company? Have an interesting article about a green energy start-up in Africa? Learn more here.

You can send it to us to review and you could get it published on Drivafy.

Sending A Press Release

You can send us a press release for publishing to our email at info@drivafy.com or email the editor at david@drivafy.com We recommend sending your press release in the email message and also as a Word file attached. Images to be included in the press release are also highly recommended.

Sending Content For Publication

If you want to send content that you think will be fit for publication on Drivafy, you can send us your content via email to info@drivafy.com or the editor at david@drivafy.com.

All content sent has to be technology-related and be related to the e-mobility and renewable energy ecosystem.

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